According to the four faculties, Fine Arts, Design, Art Culture and Architecture, the Estonian Art Academy is organized by four interlocking volumes, each one representing one faculty. The four corresponding canted inner voids shall encourage an intense interaction, exchange and cooperation between the faculties and all users. At the same time they offer an exciting itinerary through the building and connect all levels, creating variable conditions, both from inside and out. On the entrance level they merge into one connecting and generous atrium. As the sections make clear, visitors gain a sense of the buildings internal dynamic by means of intersecting sight lines and gradual transitions from one void to another. The EAA can be interpreted as a densified campus model: The faculties, each with its own courtyard, are pushed into each other (relating to the building restrictions) to form a new compact and urban version of the otherwise classic model of free standing objects. Emerging from one common origin - the connecting, generous atrium space, stretches into four inclined volumes, tentacle-like, into the depths and heights of the building.
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