The new Guggenheim Helsinki will be a significant landmark in the harbour of Helsinki. Not only will it be a destination for the residents of Helsinki and for its guests - it will bring together the work of the world's leading artists and the general public of all generations. The scale of the building has been derived from its adjacent neighbourhood. Through the spatial concentration in a building with a small footprint of 46 x 46 meters the museum encompasses the valuable outdoor spaces between the city, Tähtitornin vuori Park and the harbour. Our proposal for the new Guggenheim represents an architecture with a strong focus on its open and public character. To create the optimum environment for various encounters and exchange between the different groups of users, the new Guggenheim Helsinki is conceived as a three dimensional public Gallery Street starting from the Urban Lobby on the ground floor and leading to the City Terrace on top of the museum. This "Urban Street" unites the artworks and the activities of the Guggenheim with the public life of Helsinki.
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