1st prize international competition

Magnolia Park is a proposal for 900 apartments and the Mercedes Benz Flagship Store and Offices on a 45.000sqm site in the northern parts of Bucharest. The name of Magnolia Park refers to the valuable tree, the magnolia, and especially the geometry of its leafs. We transferred its elegant and slightly curved geometry to the urban plan of Magnolia Park. Accordingly the buildings with its curved volumes create a multiplicity of dynamic perspectives between the buildings toward the forests. Since you arrive in the exterior residential space, where one square leads into another, you feel the quietness between the apartment buildings. Transparent membranes mediate between the privacy of the interiors and the semi public character of the exterior. Behind the movable and luminous louvers each apartment offers its resident an own exterior space, wide enough to function as a small private garden.
Project Management: Lupp Design Consultants
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