1st prize international competition

The gentle curved building stands for dynamic elegance. It represents reliable precision and future orientated design. The outer form of the building finds its continuation in the Mercedes Benz Flagship Showroom and the communicative office layout for the Mercedes Benz Offices. Vertical connections by the Oval Atrium and additional stairs allow visual transparency and direct access between floors.The 142m long building contains the iconographic power of a skyscraper. In this case it refers to the fast passing cars on the DN1. It exploits the potential of a long line, a billboard accompanying the street - a horizontal skyscraper. The materiality of our proposal is reduced to concrete, aluminium and glass. Graduations from opaque to transparent elements establish a differentiated perception of the MBRO office building and show a glimpse of the inner stratification of platforms to the outside.
Project Management: Lupp Design Consultants
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