The new MOCAPE establishes a new node between sites of attraction, like the City Library, the Opera House, the Youth Activity Hall (YAH), and the Central Bookstore in the Civic Centre of Shenzhen. It serves as a further significant landmark for the city.
The building underlines its character as artificial object in its urban environment. The built structure of our proposal intertwines landscape and enclosures. It will serve as a frame and pedestal, for objects, drawings, paintings and new media. As pure square in plan it represents a simple form from the distance, indicating the inner complexity of the trajectory through its numerous openings in the facade.
Our proposal uses an urban model to organize the museum. The inside of the museum, an infinite street - the loop, is the continuation of the outside, the city. You can compare it with walking through the streets of an art district, where you enter a gallery, return to the street after some meditating time and some further steps and a thoughtful view into the nearby park you find another interesting exhibition. In the new MOCAPE even the street displays valuable artwork.
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