In a word, our concept can be described as a laboratory conjugated with a walk-on exhibit. Boundaries are necessarily fluid, attributions of functions unstable, but always calibrated for successive visitors, guest artists, and exhibitions. The similar, but always varied, volumes on which the building appears to rest, provide in fact spaces for diverse visual and sculptural installations. These volumes appear as solids left over after the main platform of the building has been opened up to the passage of visitors, air, light and sound. Thanks to the overall character of the site, extending as it does into a gentle valley with open and wooded areas, our project suggests a variety of promenades that cut through the building on all levels, bisecting quiet spaces, fascinating “funnels” of light and alcoves of darkness. Raising expectations and confronting visitors with works of multifaceted nature along the way, this itinerary will never become predictable.

Curatorial Collaborator: Kurt Forster
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