The restaurant for the German headquarters of the French energy company Total, designed by lwa, has been completed. The new headquarters are sited at Europaplatz in Berlin, in the newly built Tour Total, close to Berlin main station. The employee restaurant plays a key role during the daily life of the 600 Total employees. The understanding that the restaurant should be inextricably a part of everyday worklife establishes the starting point for this design. It represents the most important place for informal communication between all hierarchies of the company.The design is based on a basic "room in room" concept. An L-shaped space of the restaurant, the frame, defines the dining area. In between frame and food counter a continuous white floor creates the neutral light background for the whole set of elements and provides a generous space for movement. Both, dining area and food counter are crafted from oak wood stained in black. Partition screens create a forest of 750 champagne coloured anodized aluminium tubes with different diameters.

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