The transformation of the former Tobacco Factory in San Sebastian into an International Contemporary Culture Centre specialised in Visual Culture is located in a very sensitive and at the same time strategically valuable locality in San Sebastian. Our proposal takes advantage of the existing and the emerging concentrated urban forces of the city. We believe that the transformation from a factory typology, which is originally a hermetic non-public space, to a Culture Centre dedicated to the public needs a clear, attractive and comprehensible architectural statement about the openness of the public space. As a consequence of the new urban orientation of the building with two opposite entrances, we open the central part of the former tobacco factory for a generous passage between them, connecting the city centre to the district of Egia. The new TABAKALERA becomes an inviting attraction for the celebration, discussion and production of contemporary visual culture in Spain and at the same time a place, which fosters the relation between the visual arts and the public.
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